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      • CORD ezi-dab DAB+ BT Bluetooth / DAB+ / FM Radio Adapter Module

        CORD ezi-dab BT provides a quick and convenient addition to your existing sound system giving you DAB+ and Bluetooth connectivity. Connect to your existing - even outdated - receiver, amplifier or mini system to stream bluetooth audio from a mobile device and tune into the world of digital radio.
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      • Fostex TH500RP Premium Headphones with Free Australian Shipping (Genuine Australian Delivery and Warranty)

        With the release of the TH500RP... Fostex has something very special.

        Fostex have long since used RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm technology in their acclaimed professional studio headphones such as the T20RPmk2 and the recent T-series models.

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      • ONLY 1 LEFT ! Here is your opportunity to own a special limited 50th Anniversary cartridge by Audio Technica.

        Audio-Technica has been renowned for its phono cartridges for 50 years, and the moving-coil AT50ANV continues the company’s distinguished tradition. The limited-edition AT50ANV has a unique air-core design that employs a non-magnetic armature for the coil frame, yielding exquisite resolution of fine musical detail and a natural, transparent, spacious sound. Its new magnetic proprietary circuit design and neodymium magnets deliver almost twice the output of previous cartridges for extremely low noise and improved bass response…

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      • Audio Technica 440MLa Dual Magnet Cartridge… new shipment in.

        The AT440MLa dual magnet cartridge features a MicroLine shaped, diamond tip for improved high frequency response with less wear and distortion than conventional linear or elliptical styli.

        The AT440MLa also features Audio-Technica’s unique Paratoroidal Signal Generator. This unique signal generating system is composed of a unified, laminated coil core wound with a single piece of wire. Internal mechanical and electrical connections are eliminated, minimizing magnetic losses and ensuring better signal transfer..

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      • Cary Audio introduces the DMC-600 and DMC-600SE Digital Music Centers

        Cary Audio has long been synonymous with the world’s best sounding audio components. No matter vacuum tube or solid state, analog or digital, two-channel or multi-channel, Cary Audio has always represented the pinnacle of performance. The new DMC-600 and DMC-600SE are no exception and represent our best digital products yet and that’s saying something!

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