Fostex BK10 Back Loaded Horn Kit with Fostex 103sol 50th Anniversary Full Range Speakers

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One pair only fully assembled!

A chance to own a piece of Fostex History!

Fostex's own BK10 Back Load Horn Speaker kit using High Quality Baltic Birch fitted with Limited Edition FE 103sol 50th Anniversary Full Range Drivers.

Features BK10

  • Compact Back Loaded Horn Design
  • High Quality Baltic Birch Cabinets

Features FE103sol

  • 'ES cone and center cap with double layered paper making technique
  • High compliance corrugation damper
  • Low distortion ferrite outer magnetic circuit
  • Mechanical 2 way center cap and heat resistance glass made composite voice coil bobbin
  • Three-point bonding
  • Gold plated fasten 205 speaker terminal


Drivers: 10 cm cone shape full range speaker
Impedance : 8ohm
f0: 85Hz
Freq. response: f0 ~ 40 kHz
SPL: 90 dB/W (1 m)
Input (MUS.): 15 W (NOM. 5 W)
Magnet weight: 226 g (each)
Gross weight: 0.65 kg (each)
Type : Full Range Back Loaded Horn
Dimensions : 450H x 196W x 295D (mm)
Weight: 4.6 kg (each)
Finish: High Quality Baltic Birch Cabinets

* Specifications subject to change without notice