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Funk Firm RAVE Rega Upgrade kit

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Take your Rega 2 or 3 up to the next level!

What's included...

1. Bo!ng  Funk’s new decoupling solution to help your deck into the high end. Your listening window opens wider than ever and the benefits are real and easy to hear. Your Rega, will never have sounded so good.

2. Achromat A natural progression from the original acrylic interface invented by Arthur Khoubesserian back in 1979. 
Refining the theory he subsequently launched Achromat in 2005.

Ongoing refinements in composition and application means that Achromat is now more universal and better than ever. 

The Achromat is the ideal material to absorb energy from the record. There is no better.

3. F7 Tonearm... The all new tonearm design tonearm from Arthur... the best sounding arm at the price point!

From its F•X program, Funk has been pioneering rigid beam technology now for many years with its FX3 & FXR II. It now uses that knowledge in F7.
Funk has developed a new, thread bearing design with vanishingly low friction. This is something normally found in only high-end tonearms. By combining the two technologies we obtain the impressive second response curve.

Easy to setup and live with, F7’s low colouration delivers a very free and lively sound. The performance from your records really is a breath of fresh air and immediately makes you realise that arms are more important than you might have first thought!