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Funk FX 3 Tonearm

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FXis a “from the ground up design” & is the next generation of this technology.

• Funk’s F•X beam: Very low “Q” with very low self-colouration has less effect on the cartridge. The sound is characterised with speed, layering finesse and fine resolution. Above all reproduction enjoys an uncommon naturalness.
• ABEC 7 bearings.
• High linearity falling-weight bias for optimal tracking and extended stylus life.
• Straightforward Azimuth adjustment.
• In line with the stylus the Lo-slung counterweight gives a sleek stylish design. 
• Calibrated, sliding weight for tracking force produces a variable mass design - 9-13g eff mass. Increases with tracking weight: Matches MM and MC cartridges. 
• Cabling - high purity copper (standard). Other options available.

Effective Length 237mm (std); 12”, Technics & Linn geometry all available to order; 
Colour: Black; 3-screw mounting 222.9mm spindle to arm distance.