ORB CRE-2 High-end Cartridge Energizer

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Warming up a damper and makes clear and detailed sound.

ORB's high-end analog cartridge energizer 'CRE-2' warms up cartridge damper by making small vibration with a sine wave such as 800Hz. The warmed up damper follow LP disc surface nice and smooth. You can enjoy accurate and clear sound you have never heard with CRE-2!


  • Easy and simple operation - To use CRE-2, it is ultra simple way. Just put stylus on the silver mirror sticker of CRE-2 and press start. Then small vibration with 800Hz occurs. This vibration is so minute and doesn't damage the stylus.
  • Indicator lamps - Indicator lumps tell you the remaining time and setting time from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. This indicator also shows no battery remaining.
  • Mirror sticker and light - There are a mirror on the surface of vibration plate and small light for stylus. They help you to set stylus on the CRE-2.



Frequency: 800Hz sine wave
Working duration: 15minutes (indicated by 5 minutes)
Battery: 3A*1
Weight: 250gm
Dimensions: 4cm H x 4.6cm W x 4.6cm D

* Specifications subject to change without notice