ORB DF-01iA+ Vinyl LP Record Flattener

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Disc Flatter is long seller product and our signature item.This product flattens warped discs and returns them to their original condition in just a few hours with automatic heating temperature adjustment function.

DF-01iA+ has adapter for disc doesn’t have groove guard such as heavy weight flat disc, the weight over 180g. 

How the Disc Flattener Works. Analog discs are made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as vinyl. Because of sensitivity to heat, the storage method you use for your analog vinyl records is important to avoid warps and other damage. Aging can also cause warping of vinyl records, and extra care should always be taken. By gently heating the record evenly and with a uniform pressure the vinyl can be returned to its original flat state without degrading the audio quality. Please note that SP records , heavy weight records, and flexi discs (also known as phonosheet or sooundsheet records) are not supported.

The Structure of Disc Flattener
The Disc Flattener has semiconductor film applied in the top and bottom heaters of the unit allowing for a uniform heating process combined with an even pressure. 



Accessories : Adapter for 7 inch × 1 set
Adapter for 10 inch × 1 set
Adapter for 12 inch × 1 set
Energy consumption: 160W
Environmental conditions used : Indoor normal temperature
Operating humidity: 20%-90% No condensation
Weight: 11kg
Power: 240VAC / 50-60Hz
Dimensions: 493mm H x 471mm W x 93mm D

* Specifications subject to change without notice