ORB SFM-2 High-end Stylus Pressure Gauge

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Manage accurate stylus pressure with super easy way !

ORB's high-end analog stylus pressure gauge 'SFM-2' is a very deeded item for all analog funs. This all made in Japan high quality product has LED display to indicate stylus pressure by 0.1gram. Just put stylus on this item! To maintain accurate stylus pressure is essential factor to enjoy fine sound. Enjoy your wonderful analog life with SFM-2 !


  • Easy and simple operation - To use SFM-2, it is ultra simple way. Turn on the switch and adjust to 0.0g by zero balance dial. Then Just put stylus on the silver mirror sticker of SFM-2.
  • Mirror sticker and light - There are a mirror sticker on the surface of vibration plate and small light for stylus. They help you to set stylus on the SFM-2.



Measurable range: 0.01 to 15g
Battery: 3A*1
Battery indicator: 0.01V increment, accuracy +/-5%
Accuracy: FS0.2% +/- 1 digit
Indicator: 7-segment LED
Weight: 243gm
Conditions of use: Normal ambient temperature
Dimensions: 4.8cm H x 4.5cm W x 10.1cm D

* Specifications subject to change without notice