AMBER II Turntable with F7 tonearm

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The Amber II is a two-speed turntable with a solid MDF Plinth delivering a truly seductive performance.

With an all new adjustable DC motor / circuit, it provides a clean drive to the precision machined acrylic platter... a perfect match for the Funk F7 Tonearm and Audio Technica Phono Cartridge.

The Funk F7... stable and frictionless, pivots on threads that provide performance enhancing features usually found only in more expensive arms. Designed from ground up to its final manufacturing to be the best performing arm outperforming other tonearms well beyond it's price!

  • Azimuth adjustment for accurate setup
  • A simple detachable mounting block makes cartridge change easier than fighting a fixed headshell system.
  • Bias is adjusted from the support at the top.


Type: 2 Speed Belt-drive Turntable
Motor All-new DC motor (adjustable)
Drive System: Pulley System
Platter: Precision-ground acrylic platter
Tone Arm: Funk F7
Cartridge: Audio Technica
Dimensions :
Weight: 7.0Kg
Finish: Black

* Specifications subject to change without notice