About Us

Welcome to the Audiophile's Online Store! 

With over 30 years we have been helping people get the most from their, cherished music collections.

Our philosophy is simple…  we aim to deliver using our vast knowledge and experience, the best Hi-Fi products at the most affordable prices.

We go out of our way to source, from Australia and around the world the best audio products to suit every situation.

We offer the best in tube and solid state amplification, pre-amplifiers, turntables, tonearms and cartridges, SACD players, CD players, speakers, headphones including a large range of audio accessories. Our top brands include Almarro, Amber, Counterpoint, Funk Firm and lots more... many exclusive to audiophile!

We also stock a select range of rare and audiophile quality music on Vinyl, SACD and CD.

Audiophile has the best brands at the best prices, but most importantly, we offer genuine personal service from our knowledgeable, experienced and specialist staff.