New Tannoy Prestige Gold Reference (GR) speaker range announced

Tannoy has announced the release of the new Prestige Gold Reference speaker range (GR) at the Munich High End Show.


  • New hand-built cabinets… traditional hand-built wooden enclosures, with revised veneering and gold-finish trim. The original Tannoy 'lightning flash' logo once again featured prominently.
  • New versions the Famous Dual Concentric drivers. New cone materials are used in the 15in unit which is used in the Canterbury GR and Westminster Royal GR with new high frequency compression diaphragms and upgraded crossovers with extensive use of deep cryogenic treatment of components.
  • Driver technology derived from the flagship Kingdom Royal speaker.
  • Tannoy Alnico powered motors and Pepperpot Waveguide, with a new heat-treated aluminium alloy compression diaphragm for the treble which is bonded to a revised copper-coated aluminium voice-coil, and a new mylar surround, reported to give the speakers a sweeter, more natural treble response.
  • Revised low-loss laminated core inductors and new thick film resistors are used in the crossovers throughout the range.
  • Kensington GR, Canterbury GR and Westminster Royal GR models use Deep Cryongenic Treatment of the entire crossover and cabling 'enhancing' audio characteristics at component level and offer end-to-end improvements in the metallic crystal structure of the entire signal path.