Amber Studio Interconnect Cable (100m roll)

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Amber Studio... a premium interconnect cable manufactured with pure Australian Copper. Technically superior, slow drawn and annealed in an oxygen free, inert environment.

Designed with a Thermo Plastic Rubber Compound Jacket, 6 twisted cores and an Inner (Aluminium Foil) and Outer (French Braid) Shield for superior noise rejection.

Amber Studio is only available in 100 metre rolls. (spool)


  • 6 twisted cores with centre fibreglass strain relief. 
  • Made from the finest Australian Copper - technically superior slow drawn, annealed copper wire.
  • Designed with Inner Aluminium Foil / Outer French Braid shield for superior noise rejection
  • Available only in 100m lengths



Type : 6 twisted cores
Core Colours: 2 x Black, 2 x Red,  2 x Yellow
Materials Used: Oxygen Free Copper
40 Strands per core @ 0.12mm
U 75 PVC Compound to AS38082000
Inner Shield: Aluminium Foil
Outer Sheild: French Braid @ 0.12 Tin annealed Copper Wire
Strain Relief: Centre Core Fibreglass
Sheath Outer Diameter: OD 7.40mm
Outer Sheath Colour: Amber Red - Thermo Plastic Rubber Compound
Available Lengths: 100m roll (spool)
Weight: 9kg

* Specifications subject to change without notice