Amber Twin Interconnect Cable (100m roll)

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Amber Twin... a premium interconnect cable manufactured with pure Australian Copper. Technically superior, slow drawn and annealed in an oxygen free, inert environment.

Designed with twisted pair cores, bleed wire and Aluminium Foil as a Shield.

Amber Twin is only available in 100 metre rolls. (spool)


  • Twisted pair cores with bleed wire for interconnect cables. 
  • Made from the finest Australian Copper - Technically superior slow drawn, annealed copper wire.
  • Designed with Drain / Bleed wire
  • Aluminium Foil shield 
  • Available only in 100m lengths



Type : Twisted Pair
Core Colours: 1 x Black, 1 x Red
Materials Used: Oxygen Free Copper - 7 Strands per core
Sheild: Aluminium Foil
Drain (Bleed): .20 Copper - 7 strands 
Sheath Outer Diameter: OD 7.40mm
Outer Sheath Colour: Brown
Available Lengths: 100m roll (spool)
Weight: 5kg

* Specifications subject to change without notice