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Funk Firm Little Super Deck - No Tonearm [Walnut]

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Please Note: Tonearm is not included
Named Little Super Deck, it ought to come as no surprise that we ourselves feel there is nothing “mid-priced” in its performance, so as you read on be prepared for a few surprises.

How do we do it?...
The platter may be industry standard but it rotates on top of a quality, hand burnished bearing. In turn this is driven by a superb motor and control.
We wouldn’t be Funk if we didn’t couple and stabise the platter using Funk's unique three-pulley Vector Drive, which has delivered great results.

The results show we were right. Independent German test measurements show some of the lowest ever recorded wow & flutter and rumble.

Note: Funk's "Vectoring" three-pulley configuration which delivers stability and authority to the drive.

Vectoring supports the bearing allowing it to freely rotate about a single point.

Do others agree with us?...
The reviews have started to come out and one by one they are all saying the same thing.

HiFi World have given it an unequivocal five globes:

“Throughout my listening I felt involved in the music rather then just listening to it, which is surely the whole point..”

Technically is was described as:
“…a belt drive turntable of unusual stability that will have a rock steady tone and an arm that is well damped and vibrationally inert”.

These comments are supported by measurements, which when compared with oh, so many others, show a pedigree that really is unusual.

In Germany, the world’s largest analogue market, two premier magazines have each heaped praise on this new comer to the market.

Other reviews are on the way and we will update accordingly.

Living with it…
“Little Super Deck's” styling brief was to evoke not only a timeless quality but also one capable of gracing many different settings.  Already it has been described as “21st century retro”. It appears we succeeded.

Turn the switch; an understated responsive soft glow appears from the control plate, adding a serene air of luxury.

At 7kg there is a fair bit of heft when it come to picking it up, and a 415 x 320 mm footprint means that it really is about as “Little” as they come.
Good things and small packages come to mind.