• Fostex MG130HR Magnesium Cone 5" Full Range


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The MG130HR, a hand crafted, single production, artisan-quality full range driver. Specially designed speaker that is suitable for a vented enclosure, yet have the effortless sound reproduction and immediacy of a horn speaker.

Even at low power the MG130HR has full sound and presence, similar to that of a high efficiency speaker.


  • 99.9% Pure Magnesium Cone*
  • UDR Tangential Surround
  • Rigid HR Radial Whizzer Cone Geometry
  • Zinc Die Cast Frame
  • Copper Capped Pure Iron Pole Piece
  • Powerful Alnico Magnet
  • Aluminum Voice Coil Former


 * Magnesium has self damping properties to reduce ringing that normally occurs in a metal cone, which leads to a natural tonal quality.



Model: MG130HR
Size: 130mm (5.2")
Baffle Hole Diametre: 125mm (5")
Depth: 108.7mm
Voice Coli Diametre: 35mm
Impedance: 8 ohm
Frequency Response: fs - 28kHz
Sound Pressure Level: 87dB/W (m)
Rated Input: 40 Watts
Music Power: 120 Watts
Net Weight: 3,180gm
Resonance Frequency: 58Hz
Cone Material: 99.9% Pure Magnesium

* Specifications subject to change without notice