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Funk Firm F7 Tonearm

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All new design tonearm from Arthur... the best sounding arm at the price point!

 Let’s be quite clear: In any turntable, it’s the cartridge not the deck that is the “music-maker”. Funk has long maintained that the humble “tonearm” is a serious weak link in achieving purity of analogue replay.

The cartridge extracts information smaller than the wavelength of light. To do so it must be carried passively across the record. If it’s not, the music suffers. It really is that simple.

Immediately we hit trouble: Arms are tubes with a “vibrating weight” at the end... Isn’t that what our cartridges really are?

Stuck at the front, the stylus wiggles at over 20,000G! It is this that excites the tube. Little wonder arms suffer from horrendous resonances. Just look at a normal arm’s response curve. 

Would you buy a speaker with such a response? Of course not. Yet we do so with arms.

The cause of the problem is seen by using state of the art modelling: Tubes bend like jelly and this begs the question: What’s that doing to your music?

From its F•X program, Funk has been pioneering rigid beam technology now for many years with its FX3 & FXR II. It now uses that knowledge in F7.

Funk has also developed a new, novel thread suspension. This is something normally found in only high-end tonearms. By combining the two technologies we obtain the impressive second response curve.

Easy to setup and live with, F7’s low colouration delivers a very free and lively sound. The performance from your records really is a breath of fresh air and immediately makes you realise that arms are more important than you might have first thought!


  • The F7 is a universal product for use on other turntables.
  • Based on knowledge from the F•X program (Rigid beam technology)
  • A unique thread bearing design with vanishingly low friction
  • Adjustable VTA
  • Full OFC copper wiring
  • Standard 370mm / 222 Rega 3-point mounting


Type: 9" Tonearm with Medium Mass
Mounting Distance: 222mm
Effective Length: 270mm
Mounting: Standard Rega 3-point - Holes at 20mm radius
Effective Mass: Medium
Bearings: Unique thread bearing design
Cartridge Suitability: Suitable for cartridges low and high compliance
Finish: Black tube, Silver

* Specifications subject to change without notice