• Funk Firm Vector 5 Turntable

    Funk Firm

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The best value turntable ever Funk’s Vector has been winning awards since it was launched back in 2005. Radical and organically styled it immediately captures attention and ongoing development and refinement has produced Vector 5


  • Funk’s famous Three Pulley Vector Drive system*
  • Motor and power supply are now derived from K-Drive
  • All new platter design 
  • Fine jewelled bearing, found only in the highest end turntables. Optically polished and silky smooth
  • Vector V is available in Black, White and  a new sumptuous matt African Grey with its dramatic fiery mat.
 * The three pulley Vector Drive system, which balances the drive. The bearing is no longer pulled hard in just one direction. This produces less work for the motor the current delivery is smoother - a more even turning of the platter.



Type: 2 Speed Belt-drive Turntable
Motor DC Motor
Drive System: Vector Drive 3-pulley System
Platter: New style platter
Bearing: Inverted Sapphire bearing
Dimensions : approx 115H x 400W x 380D (mm)
Finish: Black, White and  a new sumptuous matt African Grey 

* Specifications subject to change without notice