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Funk Firm Vector V with F5 Tonearm

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The Vector V

2055, Funk’s Vector, the one that started it all.

All new anthracite and flame livery, Vector V is in its final incarnation.

An altogether sleek appearance has been brought about by a new smoothly textured, matt, anthracite finish which immediately catches the eye and enhances its graceful lines and set off by new, finely engineered parts and trim.

The three-pulley system supports the platter keeping it in balance.

In Vector, belt drive is now in the front line of technical performance of motor units onto which to mount your chosen arm.

There is a rational to a belt driven system. It is in fact a very good drive system indeed for when correctly implemented, the faster turning motor instantly permits a lighter touch to speed control.

A Strata derived platter with virtually no ringing is now used for exceptional inert record support.

The same applies to turntable drive: the more microscopic the correction for a belt driven system, and Vector is testament to it.

Its smooth flight belies the fact that it is constantly making microscopic adjustments (but only when necessary!) to produce the final result of a masterpiece of continuity.

The F5 Tonearm

Based on the same desire for listening purity we have engineered and developed the F5/II arm. Achieving high levels of listening pleasure, for which Funk is renowned, F5/II is aimed at those who wish to own a superb product at lower cost. We are proud of the results, we are sure you will be too.

Immediately noticeable is the contrasting sliding weight on the arm itself. The straightforward tracking weight adjustment that this system allows is further enhanced by a more cunning benefit. Moving coil cartridges tend to be low compliance designs, which track at slightly elevated tracking forces and benefit from higher mass arms. The sliding weight moves further forward thereby increasing the effective mass.

Conversely, moving magnet cartridges are higher compliance. They track at lower weights and need lower mass arms. With F5, the sliding weight doesn’t go as for forward and the effective mass is lower.

The novel headshell design incorporates in one go both overhang and azimuth adjustment, permitting perfect alignment of your chosen cartridge.

Kinetik Kradle completes the package. A sleek, hand crafted cover protects your deck from dust, whilst the very damaging effects of sonic junk found everywhere are kept at bay by the Bo!ng based isolation in the base platform. (Sold Separately) 


  • Ultra-Smooth two speed motor unit with Vector Drive for Direct-Drive like stability and vice-like control.
  • Strata derived platter for exceptional inert record support
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Fine jewelled bearing, found only in the highest end turntables. Optically polished and silky smooth
  • Distributed mode plinth design avoids strongly resonant plinth signature.
  • Vector V now comes with stunning new anthracite and flame livery
  • F5 Tonearm allows both overhang and azimuth adjustment.
  • F5 Tonearm supports Variable Mass suiting either low and high higher compliance cartridges 


Vector V
Type: 2 Speed Belt-drive Turntable
Motor DC Motor
Drive System: Vector Drive 3-pulley System
Platter: New style platter
Bearing: Inverted Sapphire bearing
Dimensions : approx 115H x 400W x 380D (mm)
Weight:  11kg
Finish: Anthracite
F5 Tonearm
Mounting Distance: 222mm
Mounting: Standard Rega 3-point – Holes at 20mm radius
Effective Length: 239mm
Effective Mass: Medium, Variable, depending on Tracking weight
Bearings: High performance, very low friction
Cartridge Suitability: Suitable for cartridges low and high compliance

* Specifications subject to change without notice